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Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself, my name is Greg Dolph and I’m a New Yorker who moved to London, England about 6 years ago. I’m in IT security and network design. My interests are flying, cooking, green energy, and many other things that come out from time to time.

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  1. Love your geo-engineering post. Geo-engineering is definitely not crazy stuff. Just think about the terra forming solutions being proposed for Mars once we get there. They would have the reverse effect of what you mention. That is making Mars warmer over a few centuries.
    Although I do agree us humans are not doing the best we can for mother Earth, I do think global warming is not entirely our doing. That being said, we still need to reduce emissions of CO2 and other gases. The status quo is not acceptable.
    The best bang for our buck would be to get serious about green energy. Like you say some of these geo-engineering ideas are so expensive. Investing that kind of money in renewable energy sources technology would have a better impact in the long run. For example developing manufacturing techniques to radically decrease the cost of solar panels. To give you an example, right now it costs about $30,000 USD to outfit a small house (100 m2 or so) with solar panels. At least where I live that investment would take decades to justify considering the electric bill savings. Now if we could reduce that cost to say $5k-$10k and provide tax incentives, imagine how many more people would actually consider this solar alternative.
    The solar option is just an example. We need to consider all of them if greener solutions like electric cars are to be actually helpful to reducing emissions. Right now all electric cars would do is transfer emissions from the roads to power plants. Speaking of plants, let’s not forget the CO2 loving green live kind. Let’s take advantage of unused urban spaces and put them everywhere we can. Let’s plan urban development to limit sprawl and keep the trees we already have.

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